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kie's Live Love n Laugh

ria / pien / kie
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Kie - verry Moody person
u can see the changing mood n taste in my Journal
but i keep stick to few person i really love
^ _____ ^

MY life is between Fandoming n Travelling

i am totally SMAPPIES since 2005
TakuYa Ichiban, Nakaikun Dai Niban ( Big Fans of 2 Tops )
maybe i write about them more but I Really Love SMAP all member Equally
I met My 2Tops in 2011 very closely ,my dream comes true ^^
To see Kimurakun nakaikun n Gorochan in their private time is unbelievable
i can visit Japan for the 1st time too in 2011 --> my best year so far ^^
and it hapend !
^ i watch smap con in nagoya dome at 12-15 sept ^
The best con ever ,my dream come trueee now see all member ^___^

variaty & reality show addict ( SmapXSmap Family Outing Running Man etc ),
I love watching Dorama , Korean Drama , asian drama ,movies
Live music whoree --> if i have money i will watch any kind music live here
FooTball Fans sp ( Manchester United Fans )

Feel free to add me - but 90 % my post is Open
^ _____ ^

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