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ria / pien / kie
SMAP will celebrate 25 th annie debut this year
lets show our support to them
International fans specially [ Shinchannelsmap forum ] making this project
u can send message / postcard digitally just write or message n pick picture u like / upload it
they will send ur postcard to Japan ^^

u can read more detail here ...the website provide so many language ^^

FFollow their twiter for more updating ........
h   https://twitter.com/welovesmap4ever

Mariiii yang dari Indonesiaaa ikutan kirim pesaaan ^^ gampang kok cuma isi form diwebsite itu aja ,pesannya apa trus pilih gambar yang mau diuplaod ,gambar2 cantik cakep keren dari seluruh indonesia lbh oke ^^

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ria / pien / kie
16 January 2016 @ 10:00 am
BOINGGG !!! i show up again hehe

i think almost a year i didn write anything here ...
my last post maybe about my Final Concer at nagoya dome Last year
12 Jan 2015

and ..Bang 12 jan or 13 jan 2016 that rumour SMAP will break up is show up!!
even trending in no 1 twitter for quite long time

i was heh ..heh ..heh .....really really ...

i quite calm ...and trust them !! untill i hear that word or explanation from their own mouth
dun trust the news / media ..lately that old hag marry is getting crazy ^^

if u still curious and wanna know the complete story ,u can read my friend journal

SMAP Fans' Longest Day


    tsuyoshi already show up at morning news but he didn said anything ...i saw shingochan smile while hes promoting his new drama and Takuya capt said this on last night WUS [ his radio show]

    Fresh from WUS tonight by R.z. Jocelyn

    Captain's message to the fans regarding the situation with SMAP:

    "This week, there were a lot of news reports released that troubled everyone, but
    when the time comes to properly speak about it, I will explain it myself/with my
    own words, so please wait. Definitely, here, for me as the captain of What's, and for everyone as the crew, the crew please believe in the captain, and stick with me/follow me."

    credit : Rz jocelyn and yutakuya kimura

    cr : alexis

    ria / pien / kie
    xixixi im so lazy post again here Just a throwback post !!

    i am back ,yup about 1 month ago
    i have a wonderfull "cold freezing trip" LOL
    satisfied coz i have a totally smap trip haha .......went to tokyo 3 days went to 3 TV station ,meet smappies from japan , went to nice smap restourant in shinjuku , watching FINAL MR S concert , went to universal studio Japan ^___^
    n i got big heavy snowy as bonus n as my wish ^_________^
    it was so freakin COLD but it worth it LOL ............

    my 1st time watch SMAP FINAL CONCERT
    watch the longest concert
    watch their touching final speech
    watch the champagne Fun end party - they making gorochan as target LOL
    member shirtless n wet body XDD except gorochan haha
    I love their new single Yuumoa shicauyo *i think mistaken the spelling lol*
    they perfom it at final concert
    smap is not a perfect singer * we all know that* but they proff entertainer ..their concert always entertaining
    if they messed up the dance the sing part --> we just laugh smile n still have fun n they keep messed up again hahaha
    The theme the outfit is better this year hehe .....more manly casual dandy colorfull bla bla bla *no feather jonis outfit XDD
    the opening not spectacular like usuall smap con but moreee kakoii n make our heart jump so many time XDD
    so envy with arena --> this tour they walk n go down to the fans ...waving n shake hands >___<
    i really want go back to my GOS con when i seat in front row when the chart moving hahaha can see them so closee

    Have Fun with alexis n Ita ^___^

    READ MORE MY storyCollapse )
    ria / pien / kie
    the DVD is out
    and i m not yet go to japan to watch the live ]
    really hard to avoid the spoiler hehe .......
    thanks to my friends they really want to wait for us [ me n my friend] till we go back
    then we can watch it together like usuall

    we always watch it in big screen together every con
    So This time too

    Specially for Indonesian Smappiess

    lets joint us *limited seat* ^^

    maybe u will got doorprize with Original goodies from concert ^^

    Just read this banner okie ^^

    smap mr s nobar

    u can registered to Yanie-chan, send her email or leave message here / pm me ^^
    ria / pien / kie
    13 November 2014 @ 08:26 pm
    takuya 42 bday

    Happyyyyyyyyyyyyy Bdaaaaaaaaaaaaay
    Adding 2 more years from 40 ^^
    Happy 42 Bdayy Captain
    suddenly i want to post about His eyes version
    the eyes who can "speak"

    OMG why the 2nd pic his eyes looks so pretty
    and of course my 1st love Haluuuuu
    10 years agooo *glad i was watching PRIDE


    *countdown 2 more month * ..........i cant wait to see u again 
    ria / pien / kie
    30 September 2014 @ 11:43 pm
    I hope will be official soon
    Indonesian citizen will get Free japan visa
    start Dec 1 , 2014
    BUT --> NOTE this!! Only with E-paspor n u need to register it to japan embasy

    I need to renew my paspor ths year coz will be expired soon ,i will change it to e paspor
    and i will go after dec *perfect*

    and I didn get the balloting T __T
    eventhough i use 3 diff name friend in Japan still failed !!
    *sigh ........
    i hope i can manage my budget
    so lucky coz yen now so dropp..it lower then dollarr
    i already saving for that ..hope not gonna change untill next year *cross finger*
    now i just need concert ticket

    More problem !!
    when i already give up to travelling again with my friends next year
    but now start to think .... i dun want too TT
    i hope i can .......

    UGHH this is the efect from Jang jae Yul n Ji hae so  --> so Damn drama i really cant move on XD

    AZZZAA !! 
    ria / pien / kie
    24 September 2014 @ 11:04 pm
    have been watching so many Kdrama lately
    the romantic comedy sad bla bla bla
    and this one !! got stuck XDD
    finished it only in 2 days 16 ep
    with my fav actor Jo in sung n Gong Hyo jin

    Gyaaaah now im officially joint their delutional shipper hahaha

    its okey its love1

    well at least they still single ^_________^ nothing wrong become delusional n happy fans
    [ and ,,,,,,,,, what a  news when they suddenly broke up with their partner *cough*]

    this woman ...i knew everytime she act with someone they will have great chemistry n great drama
    and shes not that type of korean pretty woman *cough with plastic surgery^^*
    she just so-so face but she looks attractive ....
    but for this, can i wish for them ^^

    Their chemistry is daebak !! No joke !!
    maybe coz the drama just so simple
    no dramatic story n dragging n bla bla like usually Kdrama
    its just like romantic comedy sitcom

    Human mental illnesss --> i think all of us have mentally illness problem

    Its okey Its love !!
    the ost alsoo really catcy light n easy listeningggggggggggg

    This one my fav ...I FEEL YOU ...

    i realy have happy bright mood everytime i watch this XD smilinggggggggg wideee on my faceee 
    ria / pien / kie
    22 September 2014 @ 11:17 am
    Forgot to tell You !!! Maroooon 5 will be on SXS YUHUUUU
    adam adam adam LOL i have been ignoring him after his mariage hahaha
    kekkooon ommedetooo ,he looks more chubby now ^^

    i saw his pic in tokyo then i wish mm can u guys come to sxs
    DREAM COME TRUE !! They did !!
    PJ post this on His IG
    adam's didn mention it at all --> well hes not that kind of twiterring person too
    maroon 5 sxs

    happy happy happy ^^
    when they gonna air it?? this week i think ariana grande is the guest

    AAAAH yaaah ..shingo also mention it at his new SD
    with little puzzle post ^^
    Five ... sang with people i really like
    Ojamap ..

    ojamap BGM all this time is payphone
    Maroon 5 songgg ^^
    shingo post sd maroon 5
    the guest lately really plessed me --> Pharrel , neymar ,christiano ronaldo then .......... ^_^

    Note :

    Lia said i post about this 3x time?? *why i cant see it .......i post it with my LJ app before ...
    something wrong with my acc *__* No ..something wrong with LJ app ..since updating
    ria / pien / kie
    20 September 2014 @ 02:32 pm
    wow ..september almost end
    Saporo con almost done
    Tokyo-osaka-saporo in september
    then they will have 1 month break
    but not smap if they dun have another tight schedule

    i read the review about the con
    the report well not too detail hehe since i dun want get too much spoiler
    ^__^ but to know the con this time is fun n omoishiroii *happy*
    sp their mood to each other - chemistry n much raburabu thing XD

    so what im doing now ??
    I booked my flight ticket already ^^
    i got quite resonable price
    my travelling backpaking hobby recently really help to arrange this !
    thats why ..this is gonna be my 1st solo trip ^^ nervous but exciting!!
    saving my yen .. better to change my money to yen than i will keep using it LOL
    since ill go still few months later

    now just wait can i get the ticket concert *__*
    when i look the ticket jp now *sigh* 30 000 yen the cheapest *come on !!
    try my luck for balloting non FC member although i knew i never *well rare so rare win a lottery thing
    just trying is not gonna hurt right !!
    if i dun get it, i will just fly there n starring at the dome
    sumappu why ur ticket so damn difficult to grab!!
    do u know i can get so easily others band group here ,with that price i can get VVVIP seat
    handshake bla bla bla --> im frustate XDD

    Ignoring it hehe ............so i dun want to think about this anymore
    for now ...

    mm what im doing now???
    im watching korean drama again hahahaha
    my mood is soo lovely dovey thing n dun need to think much
    just enjoy it !!
    sometimes Kdrama is just perfect for this !!

    just finished watching master's sun , fated to love u and now im watching Its okey its love
    what a parade from my fav actor "handsome oppas n actress"
    from So ji sob to jang hyuk ,jo in sung eric Gyo ho jin jang nara  ........-->i still choose the quality ^^
    still keep eric's drama for last --> im glad see him back acting again
    the moment i start to watch shinhwa again ,the one i miss is eric *why? XDD
    got stare look from hyesungie xixixxixi ........

    *well im just a person who get bored easily n have changing drastic mood  ..
    the other day im crying like hell watching one drama then next day im smiling giggling happy watching another one

    sigh ..........
    #IMissmyTravellingLifee wanna go somewhereagain

    * random post is random .........
    ria / pien / kie
    01 September 2014 @ 05:45 pm

    never so heartbreaking in this new season transfer .. the changing so drastic TT vidic rio evra .. okie .. then in this two days "shinjii kagawa n chichaa" 😭😭😭 --> i lovee thesee two men and lost almost in same time

    goodbye TT thanks for everything .. 😭😭 make my mood more low again lately ..